For your eyes only

If you are serious about your sport, you are serious about your vision. This is why we have developed the Vision, with your vision in mind. This model is fully customizable with a removable jawbone and nose piece, so you can wear it your way. The Vision is technically advanced and light weight, making it ideal for all your sports needs. The large cylindrical lens has high optical clarity and an extra wide view. The ventilation through the top bar makes the anti-fogging quality exceptional. Vision is equipped with a Hydro Lens Tech lens, providing you with clear vision in all wet conditions. 

This model is different from our Fusion, as it has the optical adapter for those who need to would prefer to wear prescription lenses in their sports eyewear. The flatter lens makes the optical adapter fit perfectly within the frame, without impeding the functionality of the Vision. 

Vision is the perfect choice for cycling, skiing, and other demanding outdoor activities. 

Technical Information

  • Optical adapter for prescription lenses (sold separately) 
  • Jawbone Technology with an extra jawbone included
  • Interchangeable nosepiece to style without the jawbone
  • Wide fit for wider faces
  • Adjustable rubber wire nose piece 
  • Adjustable temples
  • Hard Protective Case