Classic Rollerskis


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Swenor Alutech Classic - The industry-standard for aluminum classic rollerskis. 

Swenor Alutech Elite - A longer version of our industry-standard aluminum classic rollerskis.

Swenor Alutech Junior - A shorter version of our Alutech Classic intended for smaller skiers.

Swenor Tristar - A budget classic rollerski intended for beginner skiers. 

Swenor Alutech Racing - A racing version of the Alutech Classic with ceramic bearings and urethane wheels.

Swenor Fibreglass - A fibreglass composite rollerski that delivers the most on-snow feeling of any classic rollerski available. 

Swenor Carbonfibre - A carbon composite rollerski that delivers on-snow performance with a softer flex and smaller wheels. 

Swenor Finstep - A composite rollerski that offers the most stability of any rollerski we have to offer.