Swenor Alutech Racing Classic Ceramic Bearings

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Swenor Alutech Racing Ceramic bearings - A racing rollerski with eurathane wheels, and a lightweight aluminum body.

The Swenor Alutech Racing are a rollerski designed for racing. These skis feature a lightweight aluminum body with a rear kicker. The wheels feature ceramic bearings, designed to spin with minimal friction.

This ski is ideal for you if: You want to go fast. The ceramic bearings allow the wheels to spin with minimal friction, and the eurathane wheels will help you maintain your speed. This ski is the choice of racers, adrenaline junkies, and coaches who want to keep up with their athletes.

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Wheel Diameter: 70mm

Wheel Width: 45mm

Weight: 1900g/pair

Length: 720mm

Ceramic Racing Bearings

Binding installation availible upon request