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Summer Update -Ian Torchia

Posted by Ian Torchia on Aug 6th 2020

Summer Update -Ian Torchia

Hey all,

As I begin August after a mid-summer break from Stratton, I look back on the past months of training and reflect on what I did well, what I didn't execute well, and what I can improve on. Training through a pandemic has had its adjustments, but at the end of the day I prefer my solo sessions anyways so my routine has not changed substantially. We have been lifting with masks in the gym and sanitizing everything after, masks in the van, and had a week of socially distant intervals after a possible COVID exposure and the Stratton area being a coronavirus hot spot from careless tourists coming up from New York and Boston over the July 4th weekend. I recently recorded my biggest 3 week block of training ever (78 hours) capped off with a 32 hour week including the Presidential Traverse with Simi and a solo 100k rollerski. I can't necessarily explain my fire to train so hard recently but I am guessing the uncertainty of racing this winter has definitely played a part. I tell myself that IF there are races, you WILL be ready. I have spent our team's mid-summer break 2 hours north of Stratton in the Dartmouth area with my finance and have caught up on some much-needed rest and relaxation before diving into more training with the team soon.

Presidential Traverse...5 hours, 8500 ft of vert and descent.

Lots of this recently!

Leading into August, I am reminded of what an interesting month it can be. The start of school and its associated stresses for many, a transition to more intensity while still carrying volume, hot and sticky weather, and the relentless grind can lead to some mental doubts and questioning your training. It can be easy to second-guess yourself when carrying residual fatigue from big volume into hot and humid interval sessions where you do not improve or improve by the margin you were hoping for. I would urge those who have their doubts about their training to stay the course and know that the continuance of routine of hard work will pay dividends when it matters...the winter. So stay the course, keep training your butt off, and remember to have fun with it all!