Favorite Meals

Posted by Reid Goble on Sep 9th 2021

Favorite Meals

Hello all,

Reid here, to tell you about some of my favorite meals!


For the most important meal of the day, I try to make something that is healthy and fast since I am usually off to training early. One of my favorite ways to start the day is cutting a few slices of sourdough bread from Wild Crumb (a bakery here in Bozeman) and toasting it. I add some slices of avocado and eat some fruit on the side, such as peaches since they're in season right now!


Honestly, usually I pack a quick lunch after training for when I am at work, but when I have time I make a lot of paninis. My favorite is grilled chicken, pesto, white cheddar cheese, and maybe even some apple slices. I’ll often drink some of my homemade kombucha that I have been making this summer.


One of my favorite meals for dinner is mango salsa tacos, which my sister showed me. For this meal I cut up a couple avocados, mangos, a red onion, cilantro, a few limes, and some jalapeños to mix in a bowl. I’ll usually grill some chicken or white fish and then throw it in a taco!

Another favorite of mine recently has been using my new Traeger grill that I won in a raffle at Cirque Series down at Snowbird! I have been experimenting and made some tasty smoked salmon last week that I paired with a salad.

Hope you enjoyed, stay cool.


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