Posted by Reid Goble on Jul 29th 2021

Reid's Summer Update

It’s sunny, it’s hot, and it’s a little smoky…so you know it’s summer!

This time of year is vital for training, and here in Bozeman, MT with the BSF team we have been dialing it in. This is really my first-time training out here, and since I am new to the area, it has been a blast. The BSF Pro Team is looking strong, and we have also been lucky enough to have a great group of college athletes here in June and July, adding to the fun. Summer training is filled with lots of long hours, intensity, and some rest. I have filled my time with lots of cool adventures in the mountains and some great rollerskiing here in Bozeman.

Along with my solid base training, I have gotten to do some hard efforts. In June, I competed in the iconic Jim Bridger Trail Run, a 10-mile running race here in Bozeman. It is always refreshing to throw a number on and race in the off-season and see what you can do. I was able to surprise myself We also just competed in a rollerski time trial last week and have some exciting races and workouts planned for the rest of the summer. Right now, I am in the middle of two big volume weeks as this month wraps up. These big weeks can be tiring, but we get to do several fun workouts, such as our 100k rollerski planned for the end of this week!

A challenge that I, and many others, are facing right now is getting solid training in the smoke. I really try not to stress about it too much because there are many ways to still get good training in. Many days we must alter our plans short notice, finding good times and places to do our workouts. It is just a matter of staying positive and doing what needs to be done.

After this week, I will have a nice chill week where I will be able to recover and say goodbye to many college skiers that are leaving Bozeman for the summer. In August, I’ll be returning to the Midwest for our camp in Cable, WI, which is always refreshing to train somewhere different for a bit.

As always summer seems to fly by as it is already almost August, and in no time, we’ll be on snow! Stay cool, Reid.