START GLIDE ZONE Cleaner 250ml

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Start Glide Zone Cleaner - This cleaning solution was created to clean the glide zones of your skis without removing the wax. This is not to be used on the kick zones of your classic skis, but instead on the gliding zones of your classic and skate skis. 

We recommend applying glide zone cleaner before waxing your skis every time. Glide zone cleaner removes dirt and other particulate get on your skis while out skiing. Best practice is to apply a small amount of glide zone cleaner to disposable service towel, and rub a thin layer onto the ski base. When the solution dries, your skis will be clean ready to be waxed. 

For removing kick wax, look to our wax remover. Wax remover uses a petroleum based solvent which is very agressive. Our glide zone cleaner uses alcohol which is much more gentle and does not remove wax.



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    Cleaning Liquid

    Posted by Matt on Jan 11th 2021

    I've been using the glide zone cleaner since last season, every time before I wax my skis. You would be surprised to see how much dirt your skis pick up even if it is invisible. Applying a cleaner to your ski bases cleans them and prepares them to be waxed. If you apply wax onto dirty skis, you will seal the dirt into the ski base, making them slower.