SRB Starter Structure Tool Set

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Starter set with guaranteed success.

HSG1 with guide roller in case and 3 rollers for all conditions. Includes LG-HZ, V743, V202.

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Starter set with guaranteed success

HSG 1 with guide roller in case and 3 rollers for all conditions

The Competition Set HSG1 starter structure set from SRB is THE set for getting started with hand structures for cross-country skis. Why spend a lot of money on different skis and grinds when you can react quickly and easily to changing conditions with hand structures.
A particularly high structural quality is only applied to the ski with SRB structures. The precision manufacture of all structure rollers and hand tools in our own factory in Thuringia, the use of ball-bearing rollers and guide rollers, the ergonomically shaped hand tool made of high-molecular plastic with a pleasantly warm grip even at low temperatures, innovative and World Cup-tested geometries of the special rollers all contribute to this. The set comes in a high-quality case with foam inserts for safe transport and space for up to 6 rollers. Due to the modular structure of the product line, the sets can be expanded at any time. The handset is compatible with all cross-country ski manufacturers. 
The set includes:
device without drive is very easy to use and is ideal for linear and crossed structures (screws).
LG-HZ (rough):
linear structure for transformed snow (grainy, wet snow) for temperatures from +3°C to +7°C.
V743 (medium coarse)
broken structure with split left/right screw for wet snow, temp. from +2°C to +6°C.
V202 (fine):
linear structure for new and transformed snow (very fine-grained snow, artificial snow) at low and medium humidity, temperatures -6°C to -2°C