SRB World Cup Structure Tool Set

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The World Cup Equipment. 

When only the best is good enough and sufficient. 

Includes HSG1, HSG2, and 30 rollers in the case.

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The World Cup equipment.

when only the best is good enough and sufficient.

incl. HSG1, HSG2 and 30 structure rollers in the case.

device without drive is very easy to use and is ideal for linear and crossed structures (screws).

device with drive for all structures with guide roller and drive for interrupted, counter-rotating embossed structures. The counter-driven structure roller embosses edge-free (without indentation points), harmonious structure images that increase in indentation depth.
With the HSG 2 professional device, linear, crossed (screws) and driven, opposing structures can be embossed with one device. In the case of linear structures without interruption, there is no drive on the structure roller (use with guide roller); screws can be used as cross structures by removing the guide roller.

Equipment and contents of the set: 
30 structure rollers: V202, LF+, LM, LM-HZ, LG-HZ, V203T, LMV, LGV, V301, V302, V741, V743, V102, V602, LM-HV, LG-HV, LEG , V103T, LF+V, V603T, LM-HZ-18, LEGV, V501, V502, V511, V512, V742, V803, V744 & V804
HSG1 and HSG 2 with guide roller, drive and two driven wheels, Torx wrench, carrying case