Naroo F5S Sport PM2.5 Fine Particle Filtration Mask

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Naroo F5S Sport PM2.5 Particle Filtration Mask 

Stay protected from fine particles when out training with the Naroo F5S Sport Filter mask. The F5S features MICRONET filtering fabric which blocks 99% of ultrafine dust particles and pollen starting from 1.7micrometer (40x smaller than a human hair), including fine pollution particles, and wildfire smoke that average 2.5micrometer in size.


The mask is reusable and washable (please wash by hand only and hang dry!), and has been proven to continue blocking 99% of particles even after being washed over 100 times. 

Tested, certified, safe.

NAROO strives to make sure their masks are up to current testing and safety standards. The F5S mask has been tested by accredited institutions in Japan and Korea, and has been approved by Allergy UK. 

Made 100% in South Korea

Naroo is a South Korean company. They make their own products in-house enables rapid development, testing, and superior quality control. 


Micronet fabric filtration blocks against Pollen (20-30micrometer), pollution and dust (2.5-10micrometer). 

Certifications from Japanese accredidation authority. 

The mask features a nose wire for a better seal.