Naroo X5H

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Naroo X5H

Say hello to the year-round elastic, moisture-wicking accessory, the X5H. It’s great for those windy days in the fall or those snowy days on the mountain. This half-balaclava neck warmers stay in place without moving or feeling too heavy while you’re doing any activity.

UV Protection 

This half-balaclava blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays from your face, neck, and ears. 

Wind and Cold Protection

This half-balaclava is a champion all year round. Whether you need wind protection in spring or cold protection in the winter, it maintains warmth and warms the air before it hits your lungs, preventing coughing, wheezing, and tightness in your chest. 

Elastic X-Fiber Fabric

Made of X-Fiber fabric with honeycomb knitting that maximizes ventilation and elasticity, the X5H enhances all typical characteristics of all-weather neck gaiters, tubulars, and other face coverings. This half-balaclava is optimized to stay in place and not slip off while also protecting you from the elements of each season.

Quick-drying and Thermoregulating

NAROO’s X-Fiber nylon blend fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, which allows it to spread out and dry quickly, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable and helping to maintain body temperature.

 Breathable and Comfortable

A sports mask should be the most breathable mask. With NAROO, the design achieves breathability in part thanks to the dependable X-FIBER Fabric Technology. The high-quality, soft fabric offers stretch, breathability, ventilation, and the comfort you need.