​Why Are Start's Pole Tips So Tiny?

Posted by Andrew Gerlach on Aug 14th 2020

​Why Are Start's Pole Tips So Tiny?

Start's Race series pole tips are only 8mm in diameter to provide its users with the most durable poles, with the best swing weight, at each price point. While most poles use 10mm tips, Start goes 2mm smaller to create race poles with more layers of carbon fiber at the tip without adding excessive weight. The extra layer "thick wall" tips help the pole resist breakage, while the extra low tip weight allows the poles to win swing weight tests. At the poles handle Start again defies convention by using an extra wide 17mm "thin walled" shaft. Since the stiffness of a pole increases by the square of the diameter a slight increase in shaft diameter increases the shaft stiffness significantly. To get the most durable and best sing weight poles on the market we suggest you try Start. Start's proprietary 17-8mm Race Series pole technology can be found on the Start Ultra, Race, Winner & Loppet

The Ultra uses 100% HM Ultra 3D Carbon $399.9The Race uses 100% HM Carbon $299.95

The Winner uses 100% HS Carbon $159.95

The Loppet uses 70% HS Carbon, 30% FG $119.95