Salomon and Atomic Launch New Moveable Binding

Posted by Salomon Nordic on Jan 14th 2021

Salomon and Atomic Launch New Moveable Binding

Customize grip and glide for your classic and skating skis
Two of the major brands in the skiing industry, Atomic and Salomon, have co-developed and now launch a totally new moveable binding: The Prolink Shift-In allows the skier to adjust the binding position to customize grip and glide while staying on the skis. It performs in both classic and skating. The mechanism is positioned under the lever at balance point of the ski to offer optimum behavior in both technics.


With one hand and one simple grip, you can adjust the binding whenever you want.


When you are in “0” position, you get the best grip and glide balance. If you want to boost your grip, turn the button right so the binding moves forward. If you want to boost your glide, turn the button left so the binding moves backward.


There are clear performance benefits to skating in “0” position, which offers the best ski/binding balance. If you are a non-experienced skier or ski in icy conditions, simply shift the binding forward to improve the grip of the front part of the ski. In soft snow or low speed conditions, shift the binding backward to boost your acceleration.

The bonded Shift-In plate optimizes power transmission, stability and snow feel. There are six different positions making it easy to find the one that fits the snow condition, the track profile and the skier’s shape of the day. To get to the next position, simply half-turn the button. Every shift of position provides a move of 0,75 cm. This mechanism is robust enough to ensure the plate always remains securely connected.

The binding is easy to mount on the plate - no additional tool needed.


Salomon and Atomic have developed specific ski/binding sets with different skating, skin and classic waxable models. Skis sets with Shift-in bindings are delivered in a pack to give clear skiers benefits and make Nordic products and ranges easy to understand.