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Job Posting: Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation Devo Coach Details


Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation
Setting the Course for Success on the Slopes, on the Trails, and in Life


Cross Country Devo Coach

The TVSEF mission is to provide affordable ski and snowboard programs for young athletes to meet their individual potential for excellence through education and opportunity for competition.
Our vision is to inspire future stewards of the mountains to pursue personal development and engagement in the community by providing sustainable, affordable access to all athletes and their families.


TVSEF Cross Country Devo program serves athletes ages 7-10. Skiers will experience different types of terrain and snow conditions throughout the season. Athletes will train 2 days a week. Average athlete to coach ratio will be 7 to 1. The Cross Country Ski Development Team athletes will learn skate and classic techniques through practice and games with an introduction to basic training and conditioning to increase stamina and strength. With an emphasis on outdoor recreation and an introduction to competition, skiers will develop cross country skiing skills to maximize individual athletic potential. Focus will be on teamwork and fair play to learn good body position, balance and weight shift while skiing in all terrain and under a variety of conditions. TVSEF uses the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) guidelines on athlete development. The goal is to develop skiing skills to maximize individual athletic potential. TVSEF supports and retains well-trained coaches who are good teachers and mentors to our athletes. We inspire the families of our athletes to be involved in the cross country development team and develop a sense of community within our team. We maintain a safe program and develop sportsmanship within the team and in competition.


Cross Country Devo coaches report to the Cross Country Head Devo and Rec Coach or equivalent and are responsible for working with young athletes in pursuit of the stated goals in the TVSEF Cross Country Devo Program description. The position is part time from approximately December 1 – March 16. Coaching includes two training sessions per week and weekend race support locally. Coaches should emphasize whole athlete development and help athletes achieve their personal goals while simultaneously building solid skiers by focusing on fundamental skills, sound decision making and teamwork. Coaches are responsible for the overall safety of self and athletes during training and shall refer to the adopted Training Matrix. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, coaching, travel to events, event assistance, correspondence with parents and athletes, area relations, being an ambassador for the club, and daily, seasonal, and annual planning.


  • ● Strong skiing background and experience
  • ● Team player with excellent leadership, interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
  • ● Ability to relate well to youth athletes
  • ● Dedicated to high performance excellence
  • ● Excellent decision-making and risk assessment skills to ensure the safety of young athletes
  • ● Ability to work independently as well as with other coaches and support personnel
  • ● Completion of SafeSport Training
  • ● Must pass background check

    TVSEF is a non-profit 501c(3) based in Teton Valley, Idaho (EIN 82-0442518) TVSEF • PO Box 1042 • Driggs, ID 83422 • (208) 354-4878 • •



Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation
Setting the Course for Success on the Slopes, on the Trails, and in Life

Athlete Training & PreparationPrimarily responsible for coaching the Cross Country Devo Team. Duties include:

Early Season –

  • ● Attend and participate in early season parent meeting to inform parents of season plan, goals and personal

    coaching and training philosophy

  • ● Attend and participate in TVSEF All Team Kickoff meeting in early/mid-November
  • ● Attend and participate in any coach training and informational sessions - on-snow and off-snow

    Season -

  • ● Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to session to prepare for day
  • ● Conduct on-snow training consistent with Cross Country Devo Program description with up to 7 athletes utilizing

    the adopted training matrix

  • ● Ensure athletes are wearing proper safety equipment at all times
  • ● Include basic snow safety as well as good decision making in athlete preparation
  • ● Meet with parents at end of day to hand off children to parent or specified caretaker
  • ● Travel to competitions and supervise athletes when required
  • ● Stay knowledgeable about competitions and support athletes to participate in them if that is their goal
  • ● Communicate athletic plans and athlete goals with athletes and parents

    Post season -

  • ● Complete end of season awards
  • ● Complete end of season evaluations - self and TVSEF as an organization
  • ● Attend end of season awards, if able

    General -

  • ● Be positive, encouraging and provide equal attention to each skier
  • ● Model and encourage respect of self and others
  • ● Manage athlete goal-setting and evaluation
  • ● Ensure skiers are taking environmental factors and safety into consideration while in your care
    • ○ Gear appropriate for child’s age and level of skiing
    • ○ Hydration & nutrition
    • ○ Sun block
    • ○ Appropriate cold and wind protection
  • ● Leave no child unattended
  • ● Maintain an understanding of all rules and regulations as outlined by USSA
  • ● Communicate with athletes and families by email about schedules and upcoming events and CC Head Coach, as


  • ● Meet with athletes, parents, Head Coach, Executive Director and Board of Directors as needed
  • ● Communicate to Head Devo and Rec Coach regarding maintenance of Cross Country venues
  • ● Respect and be responsible for all TVSEF equipment your program uses
  • ● Maintain excellent relationships with area venues and other teams
  • ● Attend coaches meetings and clinics when available

    TVSEF is a non-profit 501c(3) based in Teton Valley, Idaho (EIN 82-0442518) TVSEF • PO Box 1042 • Driggs, ID 83422 • (208) 354-4878 • •

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Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation
Setting the Course for Success on the Slopes, on the Trails, and in Life

  • ● Manage injury situations by communicating with Director/parents and complete Incident Reports when necessary
  • ● Follow all TVSEF and venue policies, procedures and guidelines
  • ● Enforce Athlete Code of Conduct
  • ● Read, understand and sign TVSEF Employee Handbook

    Other Responsibilities

  • ● Participate in recruitment and outreach events
  • ● Attend other necessary meetings with Board, parents, and coaches as requested

    Events - participation encouraged

  • ● Provide leadership for TVSEF-hosted or partnered Cross Country race events in coordination with Executive Director and Competition Committee
  • ● Stay current with appropriate local and national rules governing Cross Country ski racing
  • ● Participate in TVSEF events including race, fundraising and club events


  • ● Ability to lift 50 lbs
  • ● Ability to be outdoors for extended periods of time in all temperature/weather conditions
  • ● Balancing, bending, climbing, kneeling, walking, pushing and reaching above shoulders


  • ● Grand Targhee Resort season pass
  • ● Coach development opportunities and partial reimbursement available for certifications and additional training
  • ● Race travel per diem and mileage reimbursement
  • ● Hourly rate with opportunities for a raise commensurate with experience and certifications in related discipline

    I have read, understand and accept the above duties, responsibilities and requirements. I acknowledge this agreement applies to the 2021-22 season only.

    The parties acknowledge and agree that Employee’s employment hereunder is an employment at will. Notwithstanding any other provision contained in this Agreement, either Employee or Employer may terminate Employee’s employment hereunder at any time with or without Cause or for Good Reason at his or her election upon prior written notice (a “Termination Notice”) to the other. A Termination Notice shall be effective upon delivery to the other party and the termination shall be effective as of the date set forth in such Termination Notice (hereinafter, the “Termination Date”).

    Contact or call 208-354-4878 for more information or to submit an application. Please include a resume or cover letter and contact information for at least 2 references.

    TVSEF is a non-profit 501c(3) based in Teton Valley, Idaho (EIN 82-0442518) TVSEF • PO Box 1042 • Driggs, ID 83422 • (208) 354-4878 • •