Bliz Zonar MIPS Helmet with Aero Vent

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One of the toughest challenges a cyclist can face is the wind. Another one is heat. A cycling race can play out in various shapes and scenarios. As a cyclist, you need to stay sharp and adaptable at all times, so does your equipment. Zonar is a lightweight helmet with multi-purpose design, re-defining aerodynamics. The unique shape and adjustable cover either reduces drag when closed or increases airflow by exposing the integrated ventilation channels. Our innovative Bliz AirFlow Vent Technology reduces air resistance when needed, and gives the wearer a gentle breeze, creating a perfect climate and keeping your head cool even in hot races.

Technical information

  1. Polycarbonate shell

The Zonar has an outer shell made of polycarbonate for its high impact resistance.

  1. AirFlow Vent Technology™

Either reduces drag when closed or increases airflow by exposing the integrated ventilation channels

  1. EPS Core

The Bliz Zonar wraps your head in a high impact resistance EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core to best absorb the impact of any unfortunate collisions.

  1. Airflow Ventilation System™

Bliz’s own Airflow Ventilation System was developed using low and high-speed fluid dynamics studies to deliver ideal airflow rates that vary within and around the helmet at every speed. The result is a helmet that delivers pleasant and effective ventilation for increased comfort and safety.

  1. Adjustable strap

The Adjustable ear and chin strap allow for perfect fit and increased comfort.

  1. 2-way size adjustment

You can adjust your helmets wrap to make it smaller or larger and also adjust how it wraps your neck up and down for a perfect and secure fit.

  1. Sunglass dock

Easy sunglass dock allows you to quickly and securely stow your sunglasses on your helmet when you no longer need them.

  1. Lightweight
  2. MIPS Technology

In the event of an accident, the mips shell inside the helmet with help protect you from the tortional forces that may result from impact. More information here.


  • 5
    Great glasses dock

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 7th 2021

    The most secure any pair of glasses have ever felt in any helmet I've had. (Using Bliz matrix/fusion)

  • 5
    Great Helmet, despite MIPS

    Posted by Brelon on Mar 5th 2021

    The shell of this helmet is fantastic. The adjustable aero vent is great to have. It is noticeably quieter (which usually means faster, less air turbulence) than previous helmets I have had at low and high speeds, as well as crosswinds. It's winter, so I can't comment on how it is in hot conditions just yet, but I'm excited to find out. I think MIPS was designed exclusively by bald people. Every single helmet with MIPS has pulled my hair. After taping the clips it's better, but that is not the fault of the shell.