Abilica XC Training Band Set Eco

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Abilica XC TrainingBand Set ECO is a crucial tool for all cross-country skiers. The set consists of three different high quality training elastics; two longer Abilica PowerBands, and a shorter Abilica RubberBand.

The unique elastics are produced in 100% natural rubber, are environmentally friendly and 100% degradable. The elastics contain no synthetic materials and retain their elasticity even after long-term use while maintaining the ability to withstand stretching up to 750%!

Powerbands are what we call 3-in-1 product-giving you extra help with pull-ups, extra strain when squatting and a number of other solo or partner exercises.

The knits are embellished with a Johannes Høsflot Klæbo signature and are part of the Abilica series Klæbo Collection.


Abilica PowerBands : (Includes two bands) 1 elastic that is 1.5 cm wide with resistance from 11 to 42 kg.

***Not eligible for discounts of any type***