Abilica XC Wheel

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The Abilica XC Wheel is an excellent training product for core training! It takes up little space so it is great for travel or a quick workout session anywhere! The Abilica XC Wheel has double wheels for extra stability and soft rubber handles for a good grip. The product allows for effective and efficient training of the abdomen, back, arms and shoulders. Exercises with the Abilica XC wheel can be adapted to skill level and suits everyone. As you get stronger, modify your exercises and the wheel progresses as you do. For example, to increase intensity of abdominal training, go from knees on-the-floor to lifting your knees off the floor so your body is straight as in the plank position to recruit more abdominal muscles.


Abilica XC-Wheel is part of the Klæbo Collection.

***Not eligible for discounts of any type***