Athlete Sponsorship

Due to an increased volume of sponsorship requests, we have developed this sponsorship application outline to help simplify our selection process. This application should take at least 20 minutes to complete, it is recommended you fill it out completely as a partially filled out application is a signal that you may not meet our sponsorship standards at this time.  
Please be aware that you are competing against hundreds of qualified candidates across multiple sports for a limited number of sponsorships, so consider being thorough and thoughtful in proving why you are the best fit for EnjoyWinter + EnjoySummer.


Applications must be completed and sent to with the Subject line: ATHLETE FORCE APPLICATION, “Your name” 


Applications will be reviewed and responded to within approximately 30 days.


Criteria for sponsorship:

1. Performance – Are you a standout performer in your sport/field for your age and or competitive division?

2. Reach – Having a large and active social network shows us you are well liked and are good at marketing yourself which an indication you may be a good ambassador for EnjoyWinter + EnjoySummer.

3. Exposure – If you have been featured in a magazine, newspaper, TV or been featured in an advertisement, be sure to let us know!

4. Current Sponsors – Be sure to let us know what companies are currently supporting you.

5. Local Shop – If  you are you affiliated with and or work at retail shop the sells EnjoyWinter +EnjoySummer brands or might consider selling them, please share the details.

6. Management – If you are working with an athlete manager, please be sure to let us know.

7. Integrity – Honest and hardworking, upholds deadlines & treats sponsorship as a job.

8. Respect – Keep an open mind for all people, places and thing and represents our brands honorably and professionally.


Q1: What are you applying for-choose one:


   Local (25% Off)


   Regional (50% Off)


   College NCAA (75% Off)


   National (100% Off)


   International (100% Off + compensation opportunities on contractual agreements)


   Ambassador (pending scope of reach, 40% Off)


   Industry Professionals (30% Off)



Q2: Why EnjoyWinter + EnjoySummer? Explain why you and EnjoyWinter/EnjoySummer are a perfect match. 


Q3: Sport/Event? What is your primary sport or activity that you are seeking sponsorship for? 





Q4: Current Sponsors? List your current sponsors. 






Q5: Include links to your profile on your sponsor’s website.


URL 1:

URL 2:

URL 3:

URL 4:


Q6: Provide links to any media exposure you have received from magazines, websites, blogs, tv etc.  Anything goes here from videos to advertisements. Don’t stress, it’s ok if you have none, we won’t count this against you.


URL 1:

URL 2:

URL 3:

URL 4:


Q7: Social Media
All EnjoyWinter/EnjoySummer ambassadors  and athletes are required to regularly communicate with us via social media @enjoywinter and with hashtags #enjoywinter #enjoysummer as a result we are interested in understanding your current level of social media engagement.

Though this is not mandatory, social media prowess can tip the scale in your favor. 

Please list any of your social media profile links that you would be able to promote your sponsorship through:


















Q7: If you are currently under a management group, athlete representative, agent or seeking athlete management/advising by any entity other than yourself, list them below: 






Q8: Contact Information


Name (First, Last): 

Shipping Address: 



Zip/Postal Code:


Email Address:

Phone Number: 


Q9: Which of our brands are you looking for affiliation with?  Check all those that apply. 

*Note: those looking to represent more bands are going to be preferential to those looking for one line of sponsorship.