Abilica XC-Classic 2000 Floor Stand

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Abilica XC-Classic 2000 has been developed in collaboration with the world's best skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. This machine gives you fantastic opportunities to train strength, fitness and double pole technique all year round. Both the height and the return function on the machine are adapted so that your classic and double pole mechanisms are as lifelike as possible. The XC-Classic 2000 is designed to provide the least possible vibration during training, making for a smooth, realistic feel. This is perfect training product for cross-country enthusiasts, racers and coaches. The platform has practical wheels for easy transport. Abilica XC-Classic 2000 is part of the Klæbo Collection, and has been adapted specifically for cross-country skiers.


The XC-Classic is made for Cross Country Skiing, by cross-country skiers, here’s what sets this double-pole machine apart from the rest:


For double polling it’s important to use big muscle groups like abdomen and lats. To simulate most correct double poling technique we have developed the product to ensure that:

  1. Early resistance in the ropes
    Early resistance in the device ensures that you get resistance in the first phase of the double pole cycles, therefore, power input must come early in the cycle, to simulate modern technique. Early force and insertion will allow you to activate abdomen, lats and legs, which are the largest and most important muscle groups that should be use during double poling. (Not only triceps)
  2. The levels of resistance are well differentiated
    Resistance levels 1-9 are well differentiated so that it is easy to adjust the load based on the type of workout you are going to have. Whether it is calm long-distance training, moderate long-distance, threshold interval, or a series of sprints, the XC-Classic 2000 has a resistance to meet your needs.
  3. Fast and efficient return spring
    Fast and efficient return of the ropes means that you can effectively complete sprint-like training at max sprinting speeds and develop skills that require high frequency performance.
  4. Simple and user-friendly computer with 8 functions
    The product has a very user-friendly computer that makes it easy for you to measure time, distance, speed, frequency, watts, heart rate, calories and length per cycle. These parameters give you good feedback on intensity and your workout in general, allowing you to track and monitor your progress between each session. With these parameters you can also differentiate the session according to how tough you want your workout to be. Time, frequency, calories, watts, heart rate, length per roof, distance and speed.

Developed by cross-country skiers for cross-country skiers

***Not eligible for discounts of any type***