Ski Jumping Kits


Hello Ski Jumping families! These kits were put together in collaboration with Norge Ski Club in order to create a simple and effective system for athletes and families to maintain their equipment. Waxing skis is part of the sport and is essential for ensuring the safety of the athletes, and the life of their skis. 

Notes from Start USA Head Service Manager Jacob: 

Level 1: Everything you need to get started.

Start SG Liquid glider: This is an economical, environmentally-friendly, and durable liquid wax that will offer the same gliding performance of a traditional wax but in a user-friendly form factor. The bottle uses an alcohol based delivery agent applied with a sponge. Not only does this wax apply faster than a spray petroleum based agent, it won't stink up your garage. 

Start Hard Nylon Brush: After applying the sg liquid glider, you will want to brush the surface of the skis to prepare them for jumping. This brush is a good balance between size and price.

Level 2: Everything you need to fly.

The 3mm scraper and groove scraper will allow you to remove the majority of wax left on the surface of the ski. 

In addition to the Nylon brush from the first kit you will receive a fine steel brush. This steel brush is absolutely necessary for cleaning hard paraffin out of the structure of your skis. While the brush is soft enough to rub on your hands, it makes short work of any wax that wasn't removed while scraping.  Only 1-2 passes needed. This brush is preferable to a brass or copper brush because the steel is more durable, and does a better job removing wax in fewer passes. Over the life of using a steel brush, you will end up spending more on copper or brass brushes because they do not last as long. 

SG Blue is a great all-around training wax that can be used in the summer or winter.