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START UNIVERSAL WIDE is one of the best klisters ever, and is one of the few truly universal waxes available. It can glide in cold temperatures and kick when the snow warms up. This wax outperforms other klisters in fresh snow conditions while simultaneously can kick in transformed ice crystals. In racing, this wax can be used as a mix with another klister, or under a cover wax. 

The versatility of this mix is in part due to its composition of klister raw materials, terva(tar), and aluminum. The aluminum additive prevents the formation of ice around freezing when snow is in transition between solid and liquid state.

The special ingredient is the terva which enables the wax to kick in warm conditions and remain fast on cold snow. The tar that is used in Uni Wide is created through the dry distillation of Finnish pine trees. What remains is a unique thermoplastic that transforms with changes in temperature. In a thin application, the tar hardens and creates a shell to protect from fresh ice crystals. In a thick application, the tar acts as a cushion layer to provide kick on rounded and transformed ice crystals. 

START UNIVERSAL PLUS is a warmer variant of Universal Wide and should not go unnoticed. Universal Plus has similar characteristics to the Universal Wide mix, except it is made for wetter snow conditions.

RCR50 Is a klister every racer should have in their box. It is a modified version of our Universal wide intended for high humidity, glazing tracks and artificial snow from 20F up to 38F. This wax is used consistently by several World Cup teams as well as the Start Finland domestic racing service. 

A popular combination by the Finns is to apply RCR50 and cover with a thin layer of Oslo Violet for artificial snow below freezing. For application, you want to rub in your klister and let sit outside to cool down. Then you must apply a thin layer of Oslo and cork lightly to smooth the Olso in a thin layer without mixing. 

Klister Application: Begin with a thin application of base klister or base klister spray. Then apply Universal Klister in a chevron pattern along the kick zone of your ski. Tech tip: apply a thin layer for fresh snow conditions, and a thicker layer for transformed snow conditions. Rub in an even layer with your thumb or synthetic cork. When racing, allow the skis to sit base down on the snow for a brief period of time to allow the hard shell to form, remove any excess snow sticking to the base and go ski. Alternatively, you can do your warm up on the skis for the hard shell to form, then remove any excess snow before racing.