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Start Wax Remover - Wax remover to remove kick wax from cross country skis. 

To use: heat and remove as much kick wax as possible from your ski base. This can be done by heating fiberlene on top of your kick pocket with an iron or heat gun. Then scrape the kick wax and fiberlene off the ski. Follow with a small application of wax remover to a disposable service towel and rub on the ski base. Continue to scrape, wipe, and apply thin applications of wax remover until you have removed all kick wax from the pocket.

Looking for a ski base cleaner for the glide zones for your skis? Look to our glide zone cleaner. Wax remover uses a petroleum based solvent which is very agressive. Our glide zone cleaner uses alcohol which is much more gentle and does not remove wax.