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You might notice this cork is always out of stock... That is on purpose! Here's why:

We have better options depending on your needs. In cross country skiing you use a cork when you are applying either a kick wax or a liquid glider. I'll briefy explain why a plain cork is not the best option for either.

First, a synthetic or "divi" cork is superior for applying kick wax because it is more abrasive and takes less strokes to apply a kick wax. 

Second, A natural cork with a felt pad is going to be a better option for glide wax because it offers the functionality of a regular cork with the added benefit of having a felt pad for spreading liquid or powder. A synthetic cork is a poor option for liquid gliders because it is more porus, meaning its more like a sponge than a brick. The porosity of the synthetic cork would then soak up your liquid glider and do a poor job spreading it on the ski.