Ogasaka SK1 Cold/Universal

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Ogasaka Sk1 Universal/Cold

Techno for the pursuit of winning speed
SK1-SW equipped with logic. Compare with previous model
Then, the adoption of “New SIDE CUT” and “S/R-GLIDE”
Depending on the application, the top and the tail to the snow surface due to the load.
By further reducing the resistance of the loop part,
We realized the lightness of Furthermore, under the binding
By changing the shape of "POWER PLATE"
Strong and efficient power transfer without blurring
It became Noh.

Translated from Japanese


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    Ogasaka SK1 Skate Ski Review

    Posted by Chris Jackson on Jan 12th 2023

    Ogassaka SK1 Skate Ski Review I became aware of the Ogasaka skis this past summer and ordered two pair, both universal and plus skis. So far, I have only had a chance to ski the universal skis, but to be honest, they have checked all the boxes in all conditions and I am not sure when I will break into the plus skis. Being based in Wisconsin, we get a lot of variable snow conditions, so I have skied the Ogasaka's on everything from boiler plate machine made snow to freshly groomed natural snow, and lots of it! So far, the skis have far exceeded my expectations in all conditions. While it has been a few years since I have been a elite wave skier, I still know fast skis, and believe me, these skis are fast. The first few outings on the skis they definitely felt fast, but I was skiing alone and had not compared them to anyone else. Once I had a chance to hook up with some other skiing buddies, it was confirmed that the Ogasaka's were indeed fast. In addition to the fact that these are fast skis, I was also impressed by how stable, lively and lightweight these skis feel. So far, I have had two other skiing buddies try my skis and both agreed with all of the above. In fact, they liked them so much that they both ended up ordering a pair for themselves! I was just happy to have my Ogasaka's back after having to ski on their skis while they demoed mine. In summary, I can honestly say that these skis are noticeably more fun to ski than the rest of the boards in my quiver. I am hopeful that Ogasaka is a ski that is here to stay and would encourage you to demo these skis and see for yourself. Maybe you will even find yourself in your next race saying "Ogasaka Rockets coming on through"!