Swenor Skate Mini

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Swenor Skate Mini - A miniature skating ski designed for smaller junior skiers. 

The Swenor Skate Mini skis are the smallest rollerskis availlible, and the only designed for small junior skiers. Despite being a small ski, they can support any weight skier as long as their boots fit. These skis are made with a lightweight aluminum frame, and use low resistance wheels to help young skiers gain confidence. 

This ski is ideal for you if: You are looking to get your kids started skiing young with a quality rollerski that will last for years. This ski is the choice of parents who want a quality rollerski that they can trust for their children to use. 

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Wheel Diameter: 80mm

Wheel Width: 24mm

Weight: 960g/pair

Length: 430mm

Sealed bearings (water-proof bearings)