Wax With Class. Or Go To Class With Wax?

Posted by Jacob Huseby on Sep 10th 2020

Wax With Class. Or Go To Class With Wax?

Give your back to school bag some Nordic swag, with design focused around hauling everything from binders to irons. The Start backpack features elastic straps on the outside to carry your skis and poles, with straps on the side to not only tighten up the expandable pocket, but to give more loops for carrying boots. The inside of the bag contains a dedicated pocket for a small notebook, ideally where you keep your winning secret formula, and extra pockets for writing materials. The main pocket is large enough to carry your ski boots, and enough liquid wax to cover an entire fleet.

Despite having recently graduated this spring (Go Badgers!), I would have rocked this bag to lecture, because I was known for ditching to hit the trails (B’s get degree’s people…). Technically speaking, this bag excels at carrying ski tuning gear, and would have handled my soil sciences homework easily.

If you are not yet stoked on this bag, just know that it has been proven to make your skis 6% faster, and could impress your discussion section crush with your knowledge about sports that are “big in Europe”.

Happy trails,

Jacob Huseby

Start Ski Wax