Training While Pregnant

Posted by Madeline Depman on Jun 16th 2022

Training While Pregnant

I’ve had people ask how my training has changed while pregnant. The short answer is completely, I am not training right now. The long answer is:

For years I have been going into every activity with expectations. I knew I did this for cycling but I honestly wasn’t aware of it for running or skiing because those are my fun activities, not sports that I train. Even so, I plan a loop, have a desired mileage, I try to run faster downhill, try to PR a climb or aim to have a consistent pace. Right now, I am realizing that even these performance-based goals aren’t something I can realistically set while pregnant.

Because I am a goal-oriented person, I have been trying to change my mindset and set goals that are not performance oriented. Lately my biggest goals are to listen to my body and to stay moving and happy.

In week 18 I was lucky and felt really good on one ride and two runs – so good that I was able to add distance/time! The previous week I had gotten 1.5 mi into a run and had to walk back to the car because I was so exhausted. After that “run” I tried to focus on being proud of myself for listening to my body and appreciate the fact that I still got a nice hour on the trails.

In week 19 I was able to add even more!! I got nearly 11 hours on the bike plus 1h of running plus a few nights at the climbing gym! My goal for each ride was to see how I felt and ride accordingly and I think I did a pretty good job! A couple of days that meant 3h rides (!!) and other days it meant a coffee ride. 

For the most part I have had a great second trimester so far. I have more energy; the baby is healthy, and I have been able to get out riding and running more and more as the trimester has progressed. It’s been challenging to change my mindset. I love training and I really miss feeling fast and I miss the structure, but I am focusing on the good things and staying active so next season I can come back stronger than ever.