Stars, Stripes and Glitter: New Moon at the 2023 World Champs

Posted by Garrott Kuzzy, Lumi Experiences on Jul 5th 2024

Stars, Stripes and Glitter: New Moon at the 2023 World Champs

Stars, Stripes and Glitter: New Moon at the 2023 World Champs

Happy Fourth of July! The flags I see flying in the middle of summer remind me of the American flags I see flying alongside the course at more and more winter World Cup events. It’s an indication of the growing enthusiasm for cross country skiing in the United States and the quality of the US Team. The Nordic Skiing World Championships, which only take place every 2 years, are a particularly big event for spectators from around the world.

In anticipation of this winter’s World Championships in Trondheim, Norway, we wanted to share some reflections from Judy Young at New Moon Ski and Bike Shop who traveled with Lumi and the rest of the New Moon crew to the 2023 World Champs in Slovenia:

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From New Moon Ski Shop’s Judy Young:

“I must feel guilty we left the store behind on Birkie Sunday,” Chris said, “It’s like a Twilight Zone episode-I keep seeing Birkie backpacks all over the place!” “You are seeing Birkie bags everywhere,” Egan said, “It’s the airport. Birkie skiers are flying home.”

Two Birkies ago, New Moon owners, our marketing team, and special guests, Chris and Judy’s son, Egan, and Kristy’s dad, Bill, traveled to Slovenia for the 2023 FIS Nordic World Championships. We had a bit of extra flexibility that spring, an amazing staff who were closely following the World Cup, and the US Ski Team was skiing great, so Kristy suggested we go.

It ended up being a reunion of sorts – with our old friend Garrott, with tech ace Chris Hecker, and for Kristy & Bill, the country they called home for several years in the 1970s. We had been enviously watching the amazing trips New Moon alum Garrott Kuzzy was planning with his company Lumi Experiences, so we decided to head overseas to experience the pinnacle of Nordic skiing – the Nordic World Championships held at the Planica Nordic Centre in Slovenia.

I could talk forever about the hospitality, beauty, athleticism, cuisine, and camaraderie we experienced on the trip. But, I think the photos tell the best story about our adventure.

It was so exciting to watch every race. The races were exciting and action-packed, and the racers and techs were gracious and kind. We got to talk with our heroes and friends and really see what Nordic skiing is all about.

Then there were the fans. There are no words. Whether they were waving their flags, drinking their smuggled-in schnapps, or cheering for EVERY skier from EVERY country, Nordic fans are the tops!

There was a lot more to experience than just the races: We took a boat ride across scenic Lake Bled, visited the mountain top town of Monte Lussari by gondola, and took a walk with a historian to explore a cave system that soldiers took refuge in during WWI. We learned to shoot biathlon at the Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka and rodeled – Austria’s version of sledding – down a mountain under the full moon.

Whether it was the 4-star interpretation of traditional Slovenian cuisine or the absolute best continental breakfast on the planet, we had our fair share of great meals in Italy and Slovenia over the course of our trip. The food was hearty, delicious and traditional. We even made Štruklji – traditional Slovenian dumplings typically filled with ricotta – in a Slovenian Alpine house built in the 17th Century.

But what really made the trip was the amazing people who made it all happen, from the folks at our lodging just across the border in Italy to the other fans at the races, and especially our knowledgeable trip leaders Anna and Matija who arranged everything perfectly down to a tee. They always had snacks, explained everything in such detail, and kept us safe and in-line. Garrott even hung out with us for a few days, which meant so much.

We had really only dreamt of a trip like this one, and Lumi brought everything to life for us. It was so beautiful, hassle-free, and full of incredible experiences, from skiing at the foot of the Montasio to being in the crowd when Jessie accepted her gold medal for the 10km freestyle race earlier that day - the first individual event ever won by an American at a World Championships.

If you have the opportunity, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to join any one of Lumi's trips. You will be delighted and have lasting memories of a very special experience.

Do you want to experience the World Championships after the American Birkebiener this winter, just like Judy and the rest of the New Moon team did in 2023? We can’t wait to host Lumi guests in Trondheim, Norway for a special series of races at the Granåsen Ski Centre outside of Trondheim. The events will surely bring out huge crowds of Norwegian ski fans cheering for their favorite athletes in their own backyard.

Lodging and tickets are almost impossible to reserve for these two weeks in Trondheim. On the Trondheim World Champs Trip, let Lumi take care of the logistics, lodging, grandstand tickets, on-the-ground transportation and most meals. Sign up for Week 1 or Week 2 (only a few spots left) by July 31st and receive $300 off in celebration of July 4th and the Summer Olympics.

Happy Fourth of July!