Peltonen Factory Ski Selection 2024/2025

Posted by, Peltonen Skis on Apr 11th 2024

Peltonen Factory Ski Selection 2024/2025

Here is a direct link to the ski request form if the embedded form does not load. Scroll down to see the embedded form.  


Why hand selected skis? Skis are infinitely variable, we are selecting skis based on your needs. 

The skis:

The shape of the ski is referred to as the camber. Skis vary in their stiffness profile, meaning the stiffness of the ski varies along the length of the camber. Skis also vary in their torsional rigidity and their rebound speed from loaded to unloaded. 

We asses skis by analyzing the camber loaded and unloaded. Either with a flex tester or with our hands we determine length of contact zones, camber progression, and a pressure profile. These characteristics determine the performance and feeling of your skis. 

Are Peltonen's right for you? How do they ski? 

Skate Skis - 

Peltonen makes very stable skis for a wide range of skiers. They encourage an active forward position, loading the ski through the forefoot. When in a forward position they are very stable under load. These skis have low rebound speed from loaded to unloaded making it easier for all levels of skier to smoothly transfer their energy from side to side. Peltonens have low residual camber and quick edges allowing sliding or stepping through corners. These skis can accommodate many skiers, whether you're a long gliding, low tempo skier or a high tempo forward skier that prefers a ski with lower rebound.  

Classic skis - 

Peltonen Classic skis share the low cambers in their classic line, also encouraging a forward body position. The kick pocket on Peltonens is low and forward, benefitting classic skiers who kick from the ball of their foot. The skis can give quick access to kick to those who want it. When waxing these skis, you will want to work with thinner applications of tacky waxes instead of relying on the bulk properties of a thicker application. 

Below is the form to request a pair of hand picked skis to be selected for you.