Is your gear ready for summer training?

Posted by Annika Landis, EnjoyWinter Factory Team on Apr 26th 2024

Is your gear ready for summer training?

Summer training is just around the corner for some, and maybe a bit father off for others. Regardless of when you plan on getting things rolling again, there are a few things that I like to do before the season starts to make sure the transition back into training goes as smoothly as possible.

The first is doing a gear assessment.

If you are like me, I avoid roller skiing as long as possible, and especially now that I am not racing full time, avoid it even longer. There is a time and place to get rolling, but I would much rather cross train by touring, biking and running until it is time to start focusing on more ski-specific workouts.

However, I know some of you out there have no such qualms about getting on rollerskis as soon as the pavement is dry. And especially with the inadequate winter we’ve had in much of the US, I know many of you have already been on your rollerskis many times this winter. So whether you are getting ready for summer training or have been using your ‘summer gear’ in place of skiing, now is a great time to get things dialed in and ready to go when you are.

Key Rollerski parts to check and replace:

Wheels - Rollerski wheels should last you a few good years, depending on how much you ski, how often you brake, general wear and tear, etc. It’s always a good idea to check your wheels to see if they are overly worn. You can check out thisski postlink for a guide to choosing rollerskis and wheels.

Ferrels - make sure you have a few good pairs of roller ski tips, sharp and ready to go. Especially when the pavement is cold, you want those tips as sharp as possible to avoid slipping!

Poles - Always a good idea to check your poles for any cracks or weaknesses before heading out on the roads. A broken pole isn’t a great way to start the season!

Helmet - This is important. Your head is irreplaceable. Check your helmet! If your helmet is more than 5 years old, I strongly recommend replacing it, regardless of whether there are obvious signs of wear. If you crashed, or if your helmet sustained any impact, replace it! All of my helmets have MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) I personally have 3-4 helmets in my rotation at any given time, so that

Besides rollerskiing, there is other summer gear to make sure is in good working order. Take those bikes out of the garage, check all the components and give them some TLC. Make sure your running shoes aren’t too worn out (injury prevention!), and maybe clean out that water flask with the mildew in it?

Lastly, your most important piece of training equipment is your body. Spring (or whenever your off season is) is a great time to get a head start on any body maintenance or strength that you might have neglected or fallen behind on during the season. I have 100% made the error of mistaking skiing fitness for running fitness. Skiing is relatively low impact, which is why we can train so many hours over the year; running is decidedly not. Easing into higher impact activities is a lot easier if you have taken a little time to strengthen all the connective tissue that gets abused all summer. Get those resistance bands out, pull up that PT sheet you haven’t looked at in a few months, and use that hour of free time to do yourself a HUGE favor towards injury prevention!

everybody is different in what they need to do to get ready to start training again and to perform at their best. Big dreams and ambitious goals all start from a foundation of doing the little things diligently day after day, after day.

This will be my last Ski Post for a little bit as I take a break and enjoy the spring sunshine here in Boston. Wishing you all a happy spring :)