How to fly with ski wax | Everything you need to know

Posted by Jacob Huseby on Mar 10th 2022

How to fly with ski wax | Everything you need to know

How to fly with ski wax | Everything you need to know

Dear SkiPost,

Any idea if I can fly with Ultra RG spray? I saw your article that the gels can fly, but I'm not sure what is in the spray.

Do you know if the Ultra RG Finisher Gels will survive the pressure swings in a checked bag, or do they need to go in the cabin?



How to fly with spray-on, hazmat ski waxes

Good question! This will apply to travelling within the US, restrictions vary by country.

TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read)

Carry-on luggage: Liquid ski wax abides by the same rules as other aerosol, gels, and creams. These are limited to containers less than 3.4 ounces (100ml) a piece. RG Ultra Finish Spray or Liquid waxes can go in your carry on. Just don’t go hog wild with packing waxes in your carry-on to avoid getting frisked by airport security.

Checked luggage: You can transport up to 70 oz (2 liters) of hazmat, aerosol product per person (not per bag), with a maximum of 500ml per individual container. For our RG Finish Sprays, this is just over 60 cans. For some Rex, Toko, or Swix spray waxes in 125ml containers, you can *technically* transport 16 cans in your checked luggage. 

I actually have experience with this first hand. I had to pack a bunch of RG Finish Sprays in my checked bag on the way back from Finland. For carry on luggage, the limit for aerosols in checked luggage is 70 oz (2 liters) of aerosol per person. Each of our Finish Sprays is 30ml. The limit for how many RG Ultra Finish Spray you can pack is ~66 cans. I flew through Sweden, London, and back to the US with ~60 cans of spray between my two checked bags. This also applies to all of the other aerosol products available including the 125ml cans of spray wax that have become popular from a few other brands… The maximum per individual container is 500ml, which should only be a problem if you are trying to transport liter containers of wax remover in the air.

Here’s the problem – If you’re flying with a bunch of ski wax, this can look sketchy to any baggage handlers, security, police, anyone. If you compete in Biathlon, you will know exactly how difficult airport security can be. The last thing you want is to get held up all because you want to put some go-fast on your skis. Here’s how to avoid the hassle: print off the MSDS forms for the waxes you’re travelling with. Instead of having to explain what ski wax is, just hand them the MSDS (Material data safety sheets). See all Start MSDS by clicking here. Even after handing them the sheets, the fine folks over in Stockholm International were giving me a hard time, so I told them that I work for an international chemical supply company (hey, technically…) and that these are safe to fly. It never hurts to be quick on your feet.

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