Great Bear Chase Wax Recommendation 2021

Mar 11th 2021

Great Bear Chase Wax Recommendation 2021

Wax Recommendation:

Event  Great Bear Chase 2021
Date, Time  March 13th, Starting as early as 8:00am
Technique, Distance  Classic/Freestyle, 10K/25K/50K
Location  Calumet, Michigan
Overnight Temperature  High 24F , Low 17F
Day Temperature  24F at 6am and warming up to 39F
Precipitation, Snow Type  0% chance of precipitation, Old Snow
Wind  High Wind

Glide Wax Recommendation

Good  SG Blue Solid  SG Violet Liquid
Better  RG Race Blue Solid Wax  RG Race Violet Liquid Wax
Best  RG Ultra Blue Solid  RG Ultra Violet  RG Ultra violet Finish Gel

Kick Wax Recommendation

Base  Base Wax Extra
Kick  Kick: Violet Klister 50/50 mix with Uni Wide  +Speed Iron on Purple Terva  +Kick add a few drops of Universal Wide Klister under the toe pocket
Optional  Start Oslo Blue  +Speed Iron on Purple Terva  +Kick add a touch of Oslo violet under the toe pocket

Notes on kick waxing:

Tip for working with Klister: Thin to win. You can always apply more klister, it is a pain in the butt to remove excess. To mix Klister: apply in thin alternating stripes in your klister pocket and rub together with your thumb.

Recommended: For speed you are going to want to iron on a layer of Violet Terva on top of your klister. This ironed on layer will create a thin film that is going to speed you up while allowing you to kick.