A Glimpse of Racing

Posted by Garrott Kuzzy on Oct 15th 2020

A Glimpse of Racing

By Garrott Kuzzy 

Sport is a reward to society for low Covid-19 cases. In-person competitions from pro sports to local 5k's are adapting and slowly coming back after a long quarantine. 

Last weekend, Lumi Experiences trip leader Raphi ran a 65 km ultra-marathon in Innsbruck. This video offers a glimpse of how ski racing might look this winter given Covid precautions. 

At this point, most of the European Worldloppet events, like the Dolomitenlauf, Marcialonga and Engadin are all aiming to move forward with in-person events this winter. 

We tried to keep up with Raphi as he cruised the 65 km course around his hometown of Innsbruck. In the winter, he's usually the one standing trailside with a "High 5" or cold beer for Lumi guests. It was fun to turn the tables: giving feeds along the way and offering a him cold beer at the finish. Raphi ran over 90 minutes faster than his goal and still had enough energy to click his heels across the finish line. 

Hopefully this provides a little motivation as you train for the uncertain winter ahead! 

See you on the trail, 

Lumi Experiences