A Glimpse Inside a Ski Factory | Ogasaka Skis

Posted by EnjoyWinter.com on Dec 19th 2022

A Glimpse Inside a Ski Factory | Ogasaka Skis

Ogasaka hails from Nagano Japan. We've been fortunate to import a handful of these skis for sale in the US market on a limited basis. If this is your first time hearing about Ogasaka, you're not alone. 

The quality of manufacturing is what makes these skis special. The skis are made with such a high degree of precision that every ski off the line is a winner. The skis not only pass the eye-test but have been put on a flex tester here in the US to back up the claim.  Here is a selection of images from their factory highlighting their work. 

These skis are a limited time offer. We only have a handful of them available in a range of flexes. If you would like a truly unique yet solid set of skis, consider putting in an order. 

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