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Split Nano Optics

Magnetic Quick Change Lens

Three, two, one ... change! Split Nano Optics makes change of the lens more fun and easier than ever. Split Nano Optics has a NANOOPTICS™ single lens with no refractive error or light refraction. The NANOOPTICS™ lens combines all the best features of a single lens for superior visibility and clarity. Of course, with 100% UV protection. Ventilated frame and 3-layer foam with fleece for maximum comfort in the slopes. Silicone-treated strap with adjustable buckles. OTG customization lets you wear your regular glasses underneath. Bring Split Nano Optics on alpine skiing and freeriding and enjoy the smoothest lens change ever.

Lens Features
Split Nano Optics has a single lens with NANOOPTICS™ technology. By combining different materials in a single lens, you get a enhanced visibility without any refractive error or light refraction. Something that can be noticed in a regular double lens. The NANOOPTICS™ lens has many valuable features such as scratch protection, anti-fog treatment and multicoating. The anti-fog is at least 3 times better than a standard double lens. The lens is unbreakable with maximum UV protection and is water repellent. Superior technology in one lens!

Three layers of foam with fleece in the inside make Split Nano Optics comfortable all day.

With Split Nano Optics, changing lenses has never been easier. With the magnetic design it is easier and faster to change lenses than any other model on the market. Switch between the Nano Optics lens and the included contrast lens in just a second. The neck strap with silicone treatment can easily be adjusted for best fit, then it sits as glued to the helmet.


Lens Category:
3 (Daylight)
Lens Technology:
Nano Optics
Lens Technology:
Laminated Nano Lens
Lens Technology:
Magnetic Quick Change Lens