Spine Ultimate Skiroll Skate

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Spine Ultimate Skiroll Skate - The Ultimate boot for freestyle rollerskiing. 

The Spine Ultimate Skiroll Skate is a boot designed for nordic skiers who want the highest perfromance boot available for warmer weather.

The Spine Ultimate Skiroll Skate was designed with rollerskiing in mind. The key differences are going to be the durability, ventilation, and stiffness of the boots. High wear zones were reinforced for the damage associated with rollerskiing, and the imported upper material is perforated for ventilation. The cockpit heel, and ankle cuff were designed for the added stresses of skiing on roads as opposed to on snow. As such, the cuff and heel are stiffer allowing for more support when pushing against hard ground.  

The Spine Ultimate is the pinnacle of ski boot development from Spine in their 20 years of operating their Yaroslavl factory. Enjoy!

These boots are ideal for you if: You want to get the most out of your skate rollerski training in the offseason with a boot that offers higher performance and more comfort than any other boot available. 


Carbon Fibre Cuff and heel counter - An extra stiff cuff designed to provide lateral support, more comfort, and stronger power transfer. 


Carbon fiber Cockpit - The bottom of the boot is made from a super stiff and durable carbon fiber to maximize power transfer and control. 

Power Strap - A velcro strap and cuff to secure and stabilize the ankle. 


Anatomic Last - Spine uses a combination of 3d scanning and printing of real feet in their development of lasts for the boots. 

Speed Lacing System - A rugged yet user friendly method for boot retention. Provides maximum comfort and security. 

Perforated Anatomic Footbed - A ventilated footbed developed by Spine to maximize comfort while rollerskiing. 

Spine Viz - A combination of a bright blue and chartreuse accents to increase visibility on the road. 

About Spine

"...The history of Spine is that of business in Russia in the last 30 years. It all started with Fins."

Spine originated as a company located on the Volga river making swim fins in the early 90's. Three young chemical plant engineers found themselves out of work in the midst of their countries economic collapse. Despite their little knowlege of buisness, they continued to market and sell swim fins. Sometimes working up to 20 hours a day, they eventually reached market saturation in their region for fins and sought opportunities in a local military boot factory that had fallen on hard times. The three friends bought the factory and switched production entirely over to cross country ski boots in 1999. 

Today, Spine is the worlds largest manufacturer of ski boots. Shipping over a million pairs annually domestically and all over Europe.