Bliz Rave Nordic Light, Nano Optics, Black Frame with Coral Contrast Nordic Light Lens

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Rave Nano Optics Nordic Light

The comfort and sharp look of Rave, in an outstanding combination with Nano Optics and Nordic Light. NANOOPTICS™ is a single-lens concept with improved visibility. Nordic Light treatment guarantees the best possible performance in poorer light such as flat light, and instead gives higher contrast, stronger colors and gives you as a skier a clearer and sharper view. Proudly developed in cooperation with the Swedish Alpine Ski Team. With Rave Nano Optics Nordic Light, you are better equipped than ever to take on tough challenges in alpine skiing and freeriding.

Lens Features
For the first time, we can offer so much in a single lens. By combining different materials into a single lens, Nano Optics gives you a superior visibility without refractive error or refraction of light that can be felt in a regular double lens. The NANOOPTICS ™ lens has valuable features such as scratch protection, anti-fog treatment and multicoating. The anti-fog is at least 3 times better than a standard double lens. In the Nordic Light version, you get a unique high contrast lens for flat light and worse weather conditions. After long development and testing of the Swedish Alpine Ski Team, we can proudly present these unique lenses. They give the wearer better clarity and increased performance. By reducing some of the more diffuse colors and enhancing the bright colors in the visual spectrum, we get the result in the "Nordic Light" lens. The lens in Rave Nano Optics Nordic Light is available in two versions; Coral in filter category 1 and Begonia in filter category 2.

Rave Nano Optics Nordic Light has a lens made of polycarbonate. Besides the other good properties of the lens, it is of course also unbreakable and blocks 100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

With Rave Nano Optics Nordic Light you can easily adjust your ski goggles to your wishes. The adjustable strap is silicone treated and fastened over the helmet for best fit. You can wear your regular glasses under your goggles without any problems with the OTG customization. The lens can be easily replaced if you wish (available as an option).

Technical information

  • 100 % UV protection
  • 3 Layer foam
  • Ventilated frame
  • Strap with silicone to keep your goggles in place over your helmet
  • Soft Pouch included
  • Single Lens


Lens Category:
0-1 (Night or Flat Light)
Lens Technology:
Nano Optics Nordic Light
Lens Technology:
Laminated Nano Lens