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Kinetixx_XxJPGKinetiXx Linus - Cycling Race Glove
Xx Mesh - Lightweight, breathable mesh backing helps manage moisture while riding.


Xx EasyOff - A quick pull loop on the middle and ring finger allowing the gloves to be removed with ease. 


XRD Technology - XRD® technology makes uneven surfaces child's-play, because it relieves the hands with a cushioning material that can absorb up to 90% of the impact force. At the same time, the padding is light and breathable.

More about W+R: 

For over 90 years, W+R gloves have been used in the toughest conditions. Following the maxim: More protection. More power. More than 30 national winter sports teams from cross-country skiing, biathlon, Nordic combined, and ski jumping rely on KinetiXx gloves from W+R Since 2018. 

The trust in our gloves from the highest and most professional level is confirmation and mission at once. With our Kinetixx ski gloves collection, we want to do justice to this call- not only in nordic sports, but also in alpine skiing and freeride. Innovative technology, well thought-out design and decades of experience in glove manufacturing make KinetiXx ski gloves ideal partners for cross country tracks, ski slopes, and powder. 

Only full confidence in you and your equipment will lead you to maximum performance. With the gloves from KinetiXx, we give you the right materials to achieve your goals.  


Glove Technology:
Xx Mesh
Glove Technology:
Xx EasyOff
Glove Technology:
XRD Technology