The Impossible Routes Season 2, Ep. 1: Far West Texas

Posted by Bliz Eyewear on May 16th 2022

The Impossible Routes Season 2, Ep. 1: Far West Texas

Bliz Eyewear and is a proud sponsor of The Impossible Routes featuring Jeremiah Bishop and The Vegan Cyclist. 

Description from the Impossible Route Team: 

" They say, “Don't mess with Texas." In this episode, viewers will see what happens when two fools disregard the warnings.

JB challenges the Vegan Cyclist with a never-before-ridden route through the vast region of Texas known as Big Bend. This out-and-back mega-gravel bike-packing route is highly ambitious for a three-day expedition. When the Vegan Cyclist ups the ante by suggesting they do the ride non-stop, the challenge of the Impossible Route: Far West Texas was born.

The route is 340 miles of off-road terrain, featuring barren moonscapes, mountains, canyons, and short but legendary pavement sections. Astride their Canyon Grizl gravel bikes, will the riders finally master the desert survival skills that escaped them Death Valley? Do they have the mental stamina and physical endurance to stay awake and ride for 35 hours? Find out when you watch Impossible Route: Far West Texas. "