Job Posting: Winter Park Competition Nordic Center Nordic Program Director, Nordic Comp Team Head Coach, Nordic Development Program Coach

Jun 3rd 2024

Job Posting: Winter Park Competition Nordic Center Nordic Program Director, Nordic Comp Team Head Coach, Nordic Development Program Coach

The Winter Park Competition Nordic Center (WPCC) is one of the premier junior ski clubs in the country and is committed to fostering a love for skiing and promoting athletic excellence, including programs for athletes interested in Nordic, Alpine, Freestyle, Snowboard, and Big Mountain. The WPCC Nordic Program is in the Rocky Mountain Division and competes at regional and national level events annually.

The surrounding Fraser River Valley and communities provide a fantastic environment for training and outdoor recreation. Additionally, the WPCC Nordic Program collaborates with Snow Mountain Ranch / YMCA of the Rockies to provide a high-quality training and racing venue, with over 100 kilometers of groomed trails. The WPCC Nordic has a large, robust and invested Nordic ski community including the Grand Nordic Ski Club, Colorado Biathlon Club, Colorado Nordic Masters, and the Grand County Nordic Race Series.

The WPCC Nordic Program is accepting applications for a Nordic program director, a head competition level coach, and development level coaches.

WPCC Nordic Program Position Titles:

● Nordic Program Director

● Nordic Competition Team Head Coach (U16, U18, U20 Athletes) ● Nordic Development Program Coaches (U14, U12, U10, U8 Athletes)

Organization: Winter Park Resort / Winter Park Competition Center Location: Winter Park, Colorado and the Fraser River Valley

Nordic Training Venue: Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center (YMCA of the Rockies)


Fostering personal growth, athletic development, and community wellness through accessible skiing and winter trail stewardship.

Job Description:

The WPCC is seeking a motivated and dedicated individuals to join our team: ● Nordic Program Director to oversee and administer all aspects related to the WPCC Nordic Program, Coaching Staff, and athletic development. This position could also encompass the duties of the Nordic Competition Team Head Coach.

● Nordic Competition Team Head Coach focuses on high school-age athletic development and JNQ racing. This position plays a crucial role in the development of our athletes, both on and off the snow, while upholding the values and mission of WPCC.

● Nordic Development Program Coaches (5) focuses on younger athletes (U8 - U14). This position plays a crucial role in the development of our younger athletes, both on and off the snow, while upholding the values and mission of WPCC.

Time Commitment/Benefits:

● Nordic Director and/or Head Coach: Starting date: July 2024 (preferred) ● Potential for full time and half time, based on the Nordic Program outline ○ Summer practices

○ Fall and Winter practices

○ Plus summer and fall camps, and winter races

● Compensation: TBD based on experience and time commitment ● Eligible for health care package and 401k plan

● Community Nordic trails season pass

● Team apparel

● First Aid/CPR training

● Reimbursement for USSS Level 100 / 200 Certification

● All expenses related to food and lodging during camp and race travel ● Additional coach education opportunities (e.g., mental health and nutrition) ● Other benefits per the Winter Park resort employee handbook

Key Responsibilities for the Nordic Director and/or Head Nordic Coach: ● Collaborate with co-coaches and Nordic Program Director weekly on training plans tailored to support individual athletes as well as the team as a whole, utilizing resources such as USSS Long Term Athlete Development Plan. ● Send weekly email newsletters to team families with the training plan, resources for athletes, supportive and engaging videos or articles and community events.

● Plan all aspects of a race weekend and/or team camp, including budget, lodging, meals, race preparation activities, daily enrichment activities, and travel plans for approximately 40-50 athletes. Ensure that all vans are packed with essential items required for the race weekend or camp.

● Organize and maintain WPCC waxing gear, including pre-season wax orders and in-season cleaning of test skis and tools.

● The Competition Team Head Coach is expected to be at all Rocky Mountain Nordic Division race weekends and all team camps.

● Create a nurturing team atmosphere through effective positive communication strategies. Use SafeSport standards to provide an environment that is supportive and safe for all athletes on the team.

● Drive a WPCC Nordic van, as well as shuttles to training camps and race trips, which may involve extended periods of driving.

● Guarantee the upkeep of travel vans by scheduling routine oil changes, tire rotations, and ensuring they are adequately fueled. Coordinate with athletes to allocate time for van cleaning sessions, fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork among the team members.

● Work closely with fellow coaches and staff to meticulously plan enrichment sessions, such as team ski waxing nights, mental health workshops tailored for races, and nutrition sessions specifically designed for teenage athletes.

● Delegate to Development and Competition Team co-coaches, as necessary, for race/camp planning, practice set-up, cleaning and maintenance of waxing equipment, van maintenance, athlete support, race/camp packing, etc.

● Arrange substitute or fill-in coaches as necessary in the event of absences among the Nordic coaching staff.

● Complete USSS Level 100 / 200m Coaching Certification, pass background check, complete SafeSport training, and have a valid driver’s license.

Essential Skills, Knowledge, Abilities & Background:

● Demonstrate passion for the mission and values of WPCC, with a commitment to promoting the organization’s goals.

● Nordic Race Experience: College-level or higher experience Nordic ski racing preferred.

● Previous Coaching Experience: Must have at least 2 years of coaching high-school-aged athletes or older.

● Safe and Fun Environment: Create and maintain a safe, engaging and enjoyable environment for athletes during training sessions and off-snow activities.

● Leadership: Lead and direct athletes through various practice activities, demonstrating strong leadership skills and a strong emphasis in fostering a positive team culture.

● Communication Skills: Exhibit effective communication skills with athletes, parents, and co-coaches, ensuring transparency and clarity in all interactions. ● Collaboration: The Competition Team Head Coach must be capable of both independent work and collaboration with co-coaches across all age groups within the organization. They must maintain strong and clear communication with the Nordic Program Director as well as co-coaches, ensuring alignment with program goals and objectives.

● Work Ethic: Strong work ethic, willingness, and ability to work extended hours during the winter race season, race weekends and camps to support athlete development.

● Planning and Adaptability: Proven ability to plan, facilitate, and adapt within a structured environment, adjusting training sessions as necessary to optimize athlete performance.

● Nordic Expertise: Knowledge of Nordic training techniques, USSS Long Term Athlete Development Plan and a strong understanding of Nordic waxing and equipment.

● Foster a positive, supportive and inclusive team culture.

● Assist in the development and implementation of training plans. ● Engage with the local cross country skiing community at events including town series races and other events.

The WPCC Nordic Program positions offer a unique opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the WPCC Nordic program, while working with talented high school athletes in a vibrant outdoor community. If you are passionate about Nordic

skiing and motivated to make a positive impact on young athletes’ lives, we encourage you to apply.

The ideal candidate will have strong communication and organizational skills, technical knowledge and understanding of the sport, and the ability to work alongside the Nordic Program Director and Comp/Devo Head coach to provide high-quality programming for all members. Hours will vary seasonally, with more hours from November to March and reduced hours in spring, summer, and fall.

Application Procedure:

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and professional references to: Jeff Burrows, Winter Park Competition Center Director

Winter Park Resort is an equal opportunity employer.

Disclaimer: The above declarations are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the position described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended to describe the general nature of the position. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned as required, and the position may be modified as needed.