Job Posting: Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center Director

Posted by, Trapp Family Lodge on Apr 4th 2024

Job Posting: Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center Director

From Trapp Family Lodge:

Apply for an amazing opportunity to work at a world-famous resort located in Stowe, VT on a beautiful, mountainous 2600-acre property.

Enjoy working with an incredible team of outdoor enthusiasts in a first-rate xc skiing, hiking and mountain biking environment.

Receive paid vacations and company health benefits along with an opportunity to enjoy xc skiing, mountain biking and hiking trails year-round.

The Trapp Family Lodge Cross Country Ski Center opened in 1968 as the first cross country ski center in America.

The Outdoor Center has continued to grow with skiing and mountain biking and is well known for its amazing network of trails and the staff who continue to keep them in excellent shape year-round.

A candidate must have strong interpersonal skills, be able to work well with and manage teams to develop new ideas including overseeing exciting new infrastructure upgrades and continue to refine our current offerings. Contact: Claire Ball at 802-253-5802 or Emily Duffy at 802-253-5789