How to pick your Swenor Rollerski Wheel Speeds. by Gus Schumacher

Posted by Gus Schumacher on May 30th 2024

How to pick your Swenor Rollerski Wheel Speeds. by Gus Schumacher

What speed rollerskis should you get? 

For everyone, but especially those who haven’t rollerskied much, wheel speed might be a new concept. Rollerskis come in a variety of wheel speeds depending on the needs of the skier. 

Through, you can get Swenor rollerskis and wheels. The wheels come in speeds from 1-4, (skate is only 1-3). 1 is fast, 4 is slow. The default wheel speed is 2, but different combinations can help you achieve different training goals. 

Generally, 2s are a bit faster than snow skiing, and I’d say 3s probably represent average snow speed the best. It is definitely helpful to ski on some fast wheels and some slow wheels, much like you would ski on both fast and slow snow in the winter. For example, I have a pair of 4 wheels for classic rollerskiing when I want to work on striding or specific strength. I usually will ski easy on 3s or 2-3 (a 2 in back and 3 in front).The different speeds require slight technique adjustments that are vital to ski efficiency in the winter. 

Ideally you buy a few of each speed and play around with speeds, and find what you like. If you mix wheel speeds, I’d recommend putting the slower wheel on the back, because the slow wheels are usually made with a harder rubber compound and therefore break down slower. Since the back is where more power and braking happens, it’s better to have the more robust wheel there.

To recap, I use:

2-3 (#2 in the front, #3 in the back) for some skate training and most intervals

3-3 (#3 in the front, #3 in the back) for most distance skiing

4-4 (#4 in the front, #4 in the back) for some classic technique and strength work

Skate thumbnail photo credit: Julia Kern

Classic photo credit: Brinkema Brothers