Happy Mothers Day!

Posted by Garrott Kuzzy, Lumi Experiences on May 10th 2024

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Calling all Parents & Adult Children: Ski in Europe together in 2025

(plus savings from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day!)

Leading up to Mother’s Day, we’re taking an opportunity to reflect on the special time that adult children and parents can spend together on a ski vacation. In a world with busy work schedules and obligations, time together is often squeezed into a meal, a weekend or the holidays. Recently, we have found that Lumi trips are increasingly popular for parents and their adult children. It’s rare that Moms or Dads can spend a dedicated week together with the adults they once taught to ski. The itineraries are planned and logistics are taken care of, so neither parent nor child has the responsibility of deciding which route to take, how to navigate transportation in a foreign country or even who is going to cook or wash dishes. I love seeing when our guests can simply relax at the hotel bar before dinner in the evening and catch up with their loved ones without any responsibility – this is especially the case when it is parents and their adult children.

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, we wanted to share some reflections from Katie who traveled with her mom Francie to Austria & Italy on the Seefeld & Seiser Alm Sight-Skiing trip last winter.

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2024 Seefeld & Seiser Alm reflections by Katie Miller:

I knew going on a trip to Europe with my mom would be unlike anything we had experienced together before. What I did not know or expect was the connection, gratitude, and joy that I was going to experience traveling with my mom. We had never been on a trip of this length or magnitude.

To say the trip and traveling with my mom for 11 days was special would be a vast understatement. I saw her in ways that I never had before, we bonded not only as mother and daughter, but became closer as friends which I think is one of the greatest gifts that arises when you spend time with a parent as an adult. You can see them and understand them in ways that you were not able to when you were younger.

We spent the majority of our time in Seefeld, Austria, and Seiser Alm, Italy, with a quick added day and half in Venice, Italy at the end of the trip. We hit the timing just right and Seefeld was blanketed with snow that looked like vanilla frosting creating some mouth-watering photos and the kind of skiing that Nordic enthusiasts dream of. We skied through stunning trails, got the perfect mix of snowy and sunny weather, ate lunch at huts on the side of the trail, trying local dishes including Kaiserschmarrn and Käsespätzle. Drank several hot chocolates with Amaretto (highly recommended!) and went Rodeling (Austrian sledding!) down the mountain at an alpine hill.

It was hard to leave the dreamy trails, delicious local foods, and perfect ski days in Seefeld, but we made the trek to Seiser Alm, Italy and somehow the trip only got better. Seiser Alm is truly a skier’s paradise (Nordic and Alpine). I can say without a doubt it is now at the top of my list of favorite places to ski ever. The trails are seemingly endless, the grooming is impeccable, and the views are stunning and leave you feeling like you are standing in a painting. Our days in Seiser Alm were filled with joyful skiing, never ending smiles, soaking up sun and drinking a lot of coffee and espresso. We started and ended our days enjoying meals with our other trip goers and guides filled with tales of our days, recommendations for the next days, and information about the local area.

My mom and I got to see each other push our comfort levels and be adventurous out on the trails; my mom pushed herself by trying to ski longer than normal and on trails that were harder than those she normally skis on. I headed out on one of the days for a day of alpine skiing on the Sella Ronda (which may have been the coolest thing I have ever done!). When we were off doing different activities, we’d come back together later in the day and share what we’d done and continue to be in awe of the amazing place we were in and the gratitude we had for being able to experience it together.

A trip filled with laughter, new experiences, new places, and becoming closer friends with my mom was a truly unique experience and one I would recommend to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity.

Katie from New Hampshire

2-time Lumi traveler

It’s always a treat for me to have parents and adult children enjoying the trails together on Lumi trips. My Dad joined me for the Iceland-Fossavatn trip (his first Lumi trip!) last month – more on that later. If you’d like to travel with your parent(s) or adult child(ren) this next winter, there is still some space available on the 2025 Seefeld & Seiser Alm Sight-Skiing trip that Katie and Francie experienced last winter.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there,