Bliz Blast 2.0

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Protection for Everyone

Blast is the perfect helmet for the weekend warrior or pleasure skier. With an affordable price, you can get the best protection for those few trips to the slopes a year. Blast has a low weight, great comfort and a high level of safety. The size is fine tuned with the chin strap and a dial in the neck. A safe and comfortable helmet suited for alpine skiing and free riding.

Blast has an outer shell made from Polycarbonate and an inner core made from EPS.

Head Cover has ventilation in smart places on the helmet for a high level of comfort.

Blast  has an outer shell of Polycarbonate. The inside layer is made from EPS. That gives the helmet a light weight and high comfort, but above all makes it safe to use. The size is fine tuned with the neck strap and a dial in the neck, giving it an even better fit and adds to better safety.