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Black frame with smoke Cat 3 lens with blue multi coating and micro fleece pouch.

Start Glide Wax Starter Kit

Start Base Wax 90g glider: Soft wax for initial prep of new skis and care, cleaning and re-prep of old skis also can be used on warm days as glider. Start SG6 90g glider: Purple glider wax, ideal for 19-28F but very effective warmer, too. Start SG8 90g glider: Blue glider wax, ideal for 10-19F but works well colder and warmer, too. Start SG10 90g glider: Famous Start Green glider for the coldest days -22-10F Start Groove Scraper – for gently cleaning your ski grooves, step 1 after ironing Start Acrylic Scraper – to remove excess glider after hot waxing once skis and wax has cooled, step 2 Start Easy Brass Brush: for initial passes after scraping, step 3 Start Easy Nylon Brush: for final polishing of bases after scraping and brass brushing, step 4 All in a special Start Wax Bag: Individual items cost exceeds $133.00 w/o bag, with the bag $153.00.

Anti-Freeze SuperPuff Men's

The perfect jacket to enjoy Winter, and Fall and Spring in. The perfect weight - not too hot, not too cold. Warm and soft. Deep hood, two internal stuff-it pockets, two external zippered pockets. 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless FL700 Insulation delivers lightweight, soft, flexible comfort, even when wet. Durable Water Repellent shell helps keep moisture out. Welded Seam Construction and pin stripping ensures long life. Charcoal black shell with red welded seam pinstripes, trim and liner.

Bliz Epic - Flash

The Epic is the result of many hours of testing and development together with the Norwegian and Swedish Alpine Ski Teams. Epic is one of the first In-Mould slalom helmet with chin guard ever created. In-mould offers a light weight experience and high impact resistance. The chin guard is available as an accessory that features Bliz click-in system for easy mounting. Attach or detach the chin guard in the blink of an eye, without any tools!

Bliz Flow - Black - 11

Bliz Flow - 11, Black Strap Grey Lettering, Amber with Red Multi Contrast Main lens with Smoke Cat #3 spare lens, Quick Change Lens System, FIS Clips, UVA &B, OTG, Italian Anti-Fog Inner Lens, 45 MM strap with Silicon, 3 Density Foam, Micro fleece goggle pouch.

Anti-Freeze Face Tape -Blue

Avoid Facial Frostbite. For downhill & cross-country skiers, winter runners and cyclists, and anyone else who wishes to protect and insulate their skin. Blue color

Start Race 1.0

The Start Race 1.0 takes the same aerospace carbon filament used in our SD3 pole and manufactures it into a sheet of carbon fiber before precisely wrapping that into our patented 17-8mm Race geometry with “Solid Tip” construction. The end-result is the best durability, swing weight, and stiffness at its price.

Raid Chinguard

Screw on Chinguard for Raid Helmet
Spring skiing means Spring cleaning! -Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Spring skiing means dirty snow. To keep your ski gliding fast you will need to keep the bases clean.
Apply for Sponsorship -Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Apply for the Bliz, Start, Swenor, Anti-Freeze Athlete Force here.
Start Wax Recs -Thursday, December 28, 2017
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