Keeping training fun through the late-summer lull

Posted by Ella Hall on Aug 11th 2023

Keeping training fun through the late-summer lull

With the summer days ticking by at a rapid pace, all of a sudden it’s August. Unfortunately, early August weather is often not entirely conducive to pleasant summer training. It’s almost always guaranteed to be hot and now, regardless of where you live in the country, there’s a good chance it will be smoky too. Personally, I find my motivation to exercise and explore takes a bit of a dip at this time of year, in large part because of the conditions. Knowing this about myself, I often employ one or more of the following strategies to stay excited about exercise through this late-summer motivation dip.

Invite a friend to join. Everything's better with company, and catching up with a friend is a guaranteed way to make the time pass quickly and make your training outing more enjoyable.

Explore a new area. If you’re like me, maybe you have a list of trails or routes that you want to complete over the summer. Check in on that list and pick somewhere new and exciting to explore. If you don’t have a list, maybe make one! Or just try a training area that is outside your normal routine.

Plan to end your workout at a swimming spot. A dip in some cold water can make all the difference sometimes. If it’s really warm, starting off with a plunge before your workout might be a good idea too.

Buy that new piece of equipment you’ve been pondering. Whether it’s a pair of 4Kaad poles or a stylish pair of Bliz, having new gear that you’re excited to try out is a great way to get out the door.

Bring a tasty treat for afterwards. Having a good snack waiting in the car for after your workout is something nice to look forward to and get you through a tough session.

Revisit your goals. Checking in with yourself and reflecting on your goals can be a good reminder for why you’re spending three hours sweating on a Saturday morning!

Mix up the training. While this option might vary depending on where you live, what equipment you have access to and what you’re training for, it can be fun to try alternative sports as a bit of cross training.

Embrace whatever you find works best for you. And maybe, unlike me, you love training in August. If that is the case, kudos to you.