Next Generation Race Gliders

Start Techno-Ceramic gliders create nano-structure at glide surface to minimize both wet and dry friction with next levels of durability.

Using next generation techno-ceramic compounds and no fluorocarbons.

Start delivers Snow How! Based in the shadows of Lahti, Finland’s world famous ski jumps, Start has been using its Snow How to make the most advanced ski waxes since its breakthrough invention of the “Start Green” glider in 1981. Most of our waxes are available in Block or Liquid form. Our Green gliders only come in blocks because they are so hard they cannot be liquified. Block waxes offer the most wax per dollar. Liquid waxes offer ease and speed of application with no wax waste. Start liquid waxes use alcohol as their delivery agent. Alcohol based liquid waxes are better for the ski base, and the environment, than the more common petroleum based liquid waxes. Also most Start liquid waxes are <70% alcohol and can be safely transported in checked U.S. airline baggage.

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