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Racing Service Grip Waxes. 

4193, 4195. New Terva improves speed without losing grip. may be used as a speed cover or on its own in several layers. Best suited for dry snow and fresh crystals. 

3109. A grip wax binder made for varied snow conditions. A strong binder with thermoplastic properties from the addition of terva, increasing the versatility of the wax and resistance to sharp snow crystals. 

More notes from Jacob:

The 4193, and 4195 waxes  can be used alone but I have found these to perform best as racing covers. In conditions where it seems like everything is icing up, these can be used as a final cover in a thin layer and corked lightly. This may also be used as a final layer but ironed instead of corking. When you iron the wax, it creates a "grease" film which protects softer grip waxes from sharp snow crystals. In fact, there are several Start grip waxes that can be modified with an ironed application. These include the synthetic waxes, BM hardwax, terva when applied as a final layer. 

The 3109 is a strong base binder that is easier to apply than our other base binders and tolerant of fresh ice crystals. While it is a hard binder, it can have a pretty sharp kick. Like all terva waxes, it makes your ski bag smell nice.


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    New wax

    Posted by Gary on Feb 16th 2023

    These waxes have saved the day in some challenging conditions. Definitely getting more when they become available.