Bliz Hybrid, Matte Black and Gray Frame, ULS Photochromatic Brown with Blue Multi Lens. CAT 2-4

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Bliz Hybrid - Photochromatic

One of our top models that is often used in the highest level of competition. Hybrid is an unbeatable choice for cycling and other demanding outdoor sports. This model has a higher frame and less wind draft. This makes Hybrid a leading model in its segment.
Hybrid Nano Optics Photochromic is equipped with a photochromic lens that darkens and lightens up automatically to the strength of the sunlight (UV light). Hybrid is available in one version with filter category 1-3, and one version with filter category 2-4.

General properties
Hybrid is the result of many years of refining and fine tuning. With its higher frame, less wind draft and unbeatable performance it’s easy to see why Hybrid is so popular. Hybrid is a model that is used by a lot of people, ranging from everyday exercisers to elite athletes. With Hybrid, you get a flexible model that goes great with both cycling and other multisports where performance is the top priority. With the Nano Optics Photochromic model, Hybrid also has a photochromic lens with fantastic qualities.

Lens properties
Hybrid Nano Optics Photochromic is equipped with a high tech lens with photochromic abilities what darkens and lightens up automatically to the strength of the sunlight (UV light). The lens is made of X-PC and has complete UV protection, minimal refraction, anti-scratch, anti-fog, multicoating and is also hydrophobic.

Thanks to being made from the material Grilamid TR90, the weight is low. Really low. Hybrid actually only weighs 29 grams. An advantage of Grilamid TR90 is that it’s a material that is just as comfortable to wear in freezing cold as in scorching heat.

Adjustment possibilities
Find the right fit just for you with an adjustable nose pad and adjustable temple tips. Hybrid is made to fit you. Also, you can easily switch lenses to another lens if you want to (can be purchased separately).

Lens Technology:
Ultra Lens Science
Lens Category:
2 (Moderate Light)
Lens Category:
3 (Daylight)
Lens Category:
4 (Extreme Light)


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    sport glasses

    Posted by Dean Angiola on Feb 4th 2020

    Nice fit .Good clarity and glare reduction in conditions ranging from flat light to full sun.