Bliz Nova, Shiny White Frame, Brown with Red Multi Lens

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Nova - Wide Angle Vision


Our Bliz Nova provides the skier with the widest field of vision. Introduced at the 2018 winter Olympics with stunning success (Bliz athletes won 27 medals there) the Nova provides the giant field of view by bringing the perfect curve lens closer to the face with its ¾ wide angle frame. This provides the skiers with better optical clarity (because the lenses are closer to your eyes) and uninterrupted vision, in a manageable frame size. The Nova has also been optimized for perfect comfort through 3 layers of foam with soft fleece against your face and just the right amount of air flow for hi speed skiing. The goggle mates perfectly with racing and recreational helmets and feature an adjustable 40mm strap with silicone for optimal fit and secure positioning on the helmet. The Nova is available with our revolutionary BLIZ Nano lenses or more tradition Duo lenses. The Nano lens provides our most precise goggle lens is by laminating two dissimilar materials into one thin lens. The end result are lenses with the best optical clarity and fog resistance in the industry. Nano lenses are available in both Nano ULS Mark 16 (our famous photochromic auto adjusting lens) or in Nano Mark 15 sunny day or flat light lenses. The Bliz Duo double lens is available in both Nordic Light Mark 15 (ultra-high contrast lenses) or in Mark 13 an 12 with many other tints and finishes every snow condition. Nano Small Face Mark 12 are also available. All of our inner duo lenses are made from Italian anti-fog acetate. Exterior cylindrical lens is made of unbreakable 100% UVA & UVB filtering Polycarbonate. The Nova is OTG (fits over many (RX) glasses) and is used by several world champions and a growing list of National teams.

Lens Category:
3 (Daylight)
Lens Technology:
Double Lens